Kunle Afolayan


Nollywood filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan in a recent interview with DJ Abass, a London-based Nigerian journalist has condemned Nollywood for contributing to the debasement of Nigerian religious customs.

He said;

“Nollywood has helped bring down Nigerian religious traditions,” the ‘Mokalik’

“There are a lot of misconceptions through our films. The way our traditional religions are presented in our films is misrepresentative,” he explained.

“Most of the shrines and priests are misrepresented, even the chants are misused.

“On mentioning Babalawo (Yoruba traditional priest), everyone would run but Babalawo wouldn’t see you and say you would die tomorrow (as portrayed in films).”

“People need to understand the difference between the Onisegun and the Adaunse,”

“We have misrepresentations in our traditional religions just as we have them in Christianity and Islam.”

Kunle Afolayan Biography, Age, Net-Worth, Profile, History, and Family

Actual NAME:             Kunle Afolayan

DATE OF BIRTH:    30 September 1974 (age 43) in Ebute Metta, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria

OCCUPATION:     Movie Producer, Director, And Actor

SPOUSE: Tolu Afolayan

PARENTS: Adeyemi Josiah Afolayan (Ade Love – father)

SIBLINGS: Gabriel Afolayan, Moji Afolayan, Aremu Afolayan

CHILDREN: Diekoloreoluwa David Afolayan, Darimisire Afolayan


Kunle Afolayan is a Nigerian Filmmaker and movie director. He can be said to one of Nigeria’s most dedicated and fruitful filmmakers. A significant number of his movie are among Nigerian best 20 most noteworthy earning Nigerian films ever.

Since 2005 he has been dynamic in the Nigerian film industry. He has made a couple to incredible films including The Figurine: Araromire which was in the Yoruba and English vernaculars and Phone Swap which featured Wale Ojo, Joke Silva, Nse Ikpe Etim, and Chika Okpala. The figurine won five noteworthy awards at the African film academy and experienced giant accomplishment in the Nigerian film theaters


Kunle Afolayan is of Igbomina-Yoruba fall, from Kwara State He is the offspring of the famous theater and movie director Ade Love. He is a graduates of Economics. He has worked in a bank while doing some nice acting, before moving into full-time filmmaking and taking a course at the New York Film Academy.

NET WORTH: He is worth about $ 700,000


Far in 2015, on the sixth of April specifically, Afolayan posted a tweet which surmised that Igbos were the greater part amass behind copyright infringement in Nigeria. The response from fans incited an announcement of disappointment from Afolayan and a clarification that he was stressed over the robbery of his movies, and most especially perils on the potential entry of unlicensed copies of October 1, his latest film at the time Shortly after his change, appropriated copies of October 1 hit the market on 13 April 2015.